DIY Velvet Choker


With the holidays being right around the corner (and me being a broke college student), I began racking my brain for cheap and easy gifts that I could give my friends this holiday season. I tried to think of one common gift that each and every one of my friends would love and that’s when it hit me: DIY chokers! I must admit I am a huge supporter of this new choker trend and it is safe to say that a majority of my friends agree with me. That is why I decided that this holiday season I would give each of my friends their own unique choker as a gift!

If you are like me and need a cheap but cute gift to give your friends this holiday season then keep reading to learn how to make your own DIY velvet choker.

What You Will Need:


Ribbon Ends

Necklace Clasps

Jump Rings

Velvet Ribbon

Start by measuring the velvet ribbon around the base of your neck. Make sure that the choker is not too tight; try moving around your head and neck to make sure it does not feel like its restraining you.


Next cut your ribbon (remember you can always cut off more but you cannot add any back). Keep in mind that the ribbon ends, jump rings, and necklace clasps will add roughly half an inch to your choker.

diy-choker-necklace-1240x880-04.jpg Clamp the ribbon ends in place on the end of each side of your velvet ribbon using your pliers

diy-choker-necklace-1240x880-06 (1).jpg

Attach a jump ring to each of your ribbon ends and then attach a necklace clasp to one of the jump rings


Voila! You just made your own velvet choker necklace! If you want to customize your necklace feel free to check out either of these DIY tutorials to learn how to attach a charm or dangling pendent to your new choker.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, check out these other DIY tutorials to make more of your own unique chokers using different materials!


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