Only 90’s kids remember the 90’s…AS IF!

Don’t be confused by the “TBT” photos flooding your feed, 90’s fashion trends have been making comebacks in waves throughout the past decade. However, these trends have been modified to fit the fashion forward guidelines we now live by. Check out some of these trends below!


We were all under the impression that choker necklaces were left behind in the year 2000; however, the nostalgic accessory that left a terrible tan-line has made a comeback! Although this time you won’t need to scrape up quarters to retrieve a “tattoo” choker necklace from the toy vending machine at the grocery store. The simple choker has come back with a variety of new styles to stay on trend with modern fashion. From velvet, to suede, to lace, stores everywhere are beginning to carry chokers in every style.


Denim Skirts

Happen to have a denim skirt stowed away in the back of your closet in your childhood home? Dust it off and rock it- denim skirts are back in! The denim skirt made you the coolest girl in 5th grade, but now you can bring back the nostalgia and become the coolest girl in 15th grade. Denim skirts are also coming back with a new twist, from button-down styles to skirts with pockets, everyone can rock a denim skirt on trend in 2016.


High-Waisted Jeans

Onto our beloved trend of high-waisted pants…the 90’s trend of “mom” jeans is back! With thrifting on the rise, 2016 has been full of vintage jeans and we are loving it! From vintage Levi’s, to brand new jeans that look vintage, this trend is flattering for everyone. Go shopping in your mom’s closet and find the perfect pair to rock to class. Still not feeling it? Add some patches, or embroidery, or even cut your old jeans into cut-off shorts.



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