College Threads is a fashion public relations agency based in Richmond, Virginia. Being located in an environment such as Richmond, College Threads is constantly surrounded by new and emerging fashion trends. Through our insight into the fashion world, we aim to assist our clients in enhancing their brands and their outreach to the public. By listening to our clients’ ideas and needs, we are able to put together social media strategies, outreach programs, and brand awareness plans that will help increase the engagement and intrigue surrounding their companies. We are also able to connect their brands to influencers and create partnerships that will increase the reach of their messages and content.

We aim to represent designers and brands that are geared towards young, college aged individuals. With our wide range of services, we are committed to connecting designers and brands with the young individuals who will respond well to their messages and want to engage with the companies more. By offering one-on-one attention and our personal dedication, College Threads aims to help create content and put forth a brand image that will create maximum buzz and engagement.

Our Mission

College Threads is a fashion public relations agency that aims to represent designers and brands in increasing their brand awareness, consumer connections, and social media marketing strategy. We aim to provide busy college students with on-trend fashion insight.

What We Do

Whether you are an emerging start-up or an already established brand, College Threads can help take your business farther with:

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Brand Image Development
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Relations
  • Media Outreach
  • Social Media Marketing

Meet Our Team

Nicole DiNardo, Co-Founder (LinkedIn)

aaeaaqaaaaaaaahtaaaajdnkztmyzdy4lti4zwmtnddlmc1hndlklwi0otc5mtdhyzewmaNicole DiNardo is a senior Public Relations student with minors in both general business and psychology.  She has always been interested in all different kinds of art, but fashion has always stood out to her among the others. From looking into emerging trends and exploring the boundaries of modern-day fashion, Nicole is constantly entertained by the ever-changing landscape of fashion today. At College Threads, Nicole is in charge of social media marketing, influencer relations, and brand image development. Nicole is constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to reach out to the public and increase brand awareness in customers. In co-finding College Threads, Nicole hoped to combine her passion for fashion and public relations to provide new, fresh outreach to the public that had not been done before.

Macy Dolton, Co-Founder (LinkedInfullsizerender-2

Macy Dolton is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying public relations with a minor in general business. Macy is looking forward to interning with Vogue magazine next semester as their public relations contact. Macy is inspired by the chaos of urban cities, and the complexity of the fashion industry. Working with College Threads, Macy focuses on content creation, media outreach, and blogger outreach. She works with partners and influencers to keep content fresh and unique. Macy believes that the fashion industry is full of endless possibilities just waiting to be unlocked. She blames her love for fashion on growing up binge watching Project Runway, and is proud to say that what started as a small interest has become a passion of hers. Macy hopes that her passion is conveyed through College Threads and will instill a fashion icon in every reader.